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[[Free]] Download Album Dummy Boy 6ix9ine Hits Mp3#Tracks Zip


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[[Free]] Download Album Dummy Boy 6ix9ine Hits Mp3#Tracks Zip

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  2. Posté le 23/11/2018 à 13:43:56  
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[[Free]] Download Album Dummy Boy 6ix9ine Hits Mp3#Tracks Zip




1.Stoopid featuring Bobby Shmurda
2.Fefe featuring Nicki Minaj and Murda Beatz
3.Tic Toc featuring Lil Baby
4.Kika featuring Tory Lanez
5.Mama Nicki Minaj and Kanye West
6.Waka featuring A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie
7.Bebe featuring Anuel AA
8.Mala Anuel AA
9.Feefa featuring Kanye West
10.Kanga featuring Gunna
11.Tati featuring DJ Spin King
13.Dummy featuring Trife Drew


6ix9ine "DUMMY YOUNG BOY" Album Countdown Lens (With New Tune).

Federal agents {arrested|detained} Anthony Jamel Ellison, {who|that} they {state|say} is accountable for {the|its} July kidnapping and pistol-whipping of rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine. {In addition to|Along with} cutting those {handling|managing} his {dealings|concessions} loose and {verifying|confirming} that {he is|he's} {also|additionally} disassociating himself {from|against} the Treyway camp, Tekashi {said|explained} that {he has|he's} {actually|really} cancelled the tour dates {he had|he'd} lined up to {follow|adhere to} the November 23 {release|launch} of {his|his own} Dummy Boy {album|record}. Dummy Boy, the {follow-up|followup} {to|for} his February mixtape Day69, has {currently |}spawned {songs|tunes} {together|collectively} with STOOPID" {and|along with} {the|also the} Nicki Minaj-assisted FEFE," which peaked {at No|free of charge}. {three on the Billboard Hot 100.|}

{The other|Another} {day|afternoon}, Tek appeared in a {video|movie} with producer Scott Storch teasing fans {together |}with his {album|record} {announcement|statement}. Tekashi 6ix9ine {didn't|did not} wait {lengthy|long} to {start|begin} the rollout {for|because of} his {freshly|newly} introduced undertaking. In a since-deleted {post|article}, 6ix9ine {wrote|composed} a {lot|great deal} of names {with|together with} the caption reading,"NOVEMBER 23RD DUMMY BOY." The artists revealed {aren't|are not} too surprising {as|because} a {lot|good deal} of, if not all, of {them|these} have {actually|really} currently collaborated with {the|all the} rainbow-haired sensation.

Tekashi 6ix9ine is {raising|increasing} the {anticipation|expectation} for his {upcoming|forthcoming} album, Dummy Boy. The hip-hop {artist|superstar} has {actually|really} continued to tease fans about his {upcoming|forthcoming} Dummy Boy studio release. On Thursday afternoon, the Brooklyn rap artist shared {on |}Instagram {that |}he has fired his {entire|whole} group, {simply|only} {a|per} week {prior to|before} he drops his {launching|launch} studio album, Dummy Boy. {Landing {hits|strikes} left and right this {year|season}, {with|together with} his {most|many} successful being'FEFE' with Nicki Minaj, 6ix9ine is {ready|prepared} to {release|launch} his debut album, Dummy Young boy.|}

{However,|But} {he's|he has} decided to re-up on {brand-new|new} {music|songs}, prepping Dummy Boy {for|to get} a {release|launch} in a {few|couple} weeks. {According to|In accordance with} TMZ, {numerous|a lot of} shots were fired {outside|out} the Beverly Hills, Calif., mansion {where|in which} Tekashi was shooting a {video|movie} with Kanye West for his Dummy Young boy {project|undertaking}. 6ix9ine's untitled {endeavor|project} can {be his|function as the} {very |}first launch {since|because} his {advancement|progress} {launching|launch} DAY69, which {dropped|fell} in February.

{Hours after {revealing|showing} prepare {for|to get} a new release due out on November 23rd, Tekashi 6ix9ine shared its {title|name} and cover {art|artwork} via Instagram. |} {Now, we|We} {officially|formally} have {an album|a record} cover and a {title|name}: Dummy Young boy. {At|In} the {end|close} of the clip {he|that he} {likewise|also} exposes {that |}his {brand-new|new} album'Dummy Boy' will be {released|published} on November 23. {{In addition to|Besides} beefing with {a variety of|many different} artists, {consisting of|comprising} Casanova, Trippie Redd, XXXTentacion, YG, {and|along with} {others|many others}, 6ix9ine's debut EP"Day69" helped catapult him to fame and has {actually|really} been {licensed|accredited} Gold by the RIAA.|}

Towards {completion|conclusion}, he {discussed|also discussed} his {upcoming|forthcoming} {brand-new|brand new} album Dummy Young boy {that|who} gets here Nov The {questionable|suspicious} rapper has {revealed|shown} {that |}his {album|record} Dummy Boy will {show up|appear} on Black Friday, Nov {Have|take} a look {at|in} 6ix9ine's Dummy Young boy cover {art|artwork} below. When his {upcoming|forthcoming} task {drops on|falls upon} the 23rd, only time will tell if 6ix9ine {is able to|can} back up his {words|phrases}. Tekashi 6ix9ine {didn't|did not} wait long to {begin|start} the rollout {for|because of} his {recently|newly} revealed {task|job}.

Tekashi 6ix9ine has {actually|really} {verified|confirmed} {that |}his {upcoming|forthcoming} {project|job}'Dummy Young boy' will be {launched|released} on Black Friday (23rd November). {Last night|Yesterday evening}, Tek got on Instagram to {flaunt|showcase} the {artwork|art} {to|into} his Dummy Kid release. {Tekashi 6ix9ine is bringing new music to the table for Thanksgiving week. |} {In|From} the {video|movie}, 6ix9ine previews the {approaching|coming} {tune|song} while Scott plays the piano {live|reside}. Slated to {include|add} acts {like|such as} Tory Lanez, Nicki Minaj, Scott Storch and {more|much more}, it {appears|seems} that Dummy Boy {suits|matches} {among|one of} 1 of {the|their} most awaited releases of 2018.

6ix9ine exposed the {discharge|release} date {in|within} an Instagram submit that {includes|carries} a {clip|chunk} of himself {together|jointly} with {manufacturer|producer} Scott Storch. 6ix9ine also teased one of {the|these} {tasks|jobs} {possible|potential} {tracks|paths}, {produced|made} by Hip-Hop hitmaker Scott Storch. The rainbow-haired rapper, {genuine|real} {name|title} Daniel Hernandez, debuted the {project's|job's} cover {art|artwork} on Instagram -- it {features|includes} a vibrant animation {variation|version} of 6ix9ine himself{, |}with his {signature|trademark} face tattoos on {show|display}.


6ix9ine {revealed|disclosed} the cover {art|artwork} on November 8, which XXL {defined|described} as 6ix9ine's {animated|revived} likeness urinating a rainbow.1 6ix9ine also previewed a {brand-new|fresh} unnamed track, which HotNewHipHop {called|known as}"a Jackie Chan-inspired banger" {made|produced} in {cooperation|collaboration} with Scott Storch and Tory Lanez.4 {Several|A couple of} days later on, 6ix9ine {exposed|subjected} on Instagram that Nicki Minaj, Lil Child, Tory Lanez, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, Gunna, Anuel AA and Bobby Shmurda would {feature|attribute} on the {album|record}, {however|yet} later erased the {post|article}.|}

6ix9ine revealed {the|that the} album {art|artwork} on his Instagram. After {consistently|always} {avoiding death|preventing departure}, all-the-while {while|when} {managing to|working on} chart on Billboard an unprecedented 11 times {over|within} the {past|last} year, Tekashi 6ix9ine {officially|formally} revealed that {he has|he's} {actually|really} overhauled his {entire|whole} management {group|team} on Friday, November 1. {Among|One of} the {greatest|biggest} emerging {names|titles} of {the|this} {year|calendar year}, NY rap artist Tekashi 6ix9ine {announces|declares} the {title|name} and {release|launch} date of his debut {album|record}, DUMMY KID", November 23rd, 2018.

The {artwork|art} {when|once} again {illustrates|exemplifies} 6ix9ine's {animated|revived} doppelganger, {transporting|hauling} his {inner|internal} {pee|urine} pee man" and whooshing a rainbow {stream|flow} {onto|on} the flooring. Tekashi 6ix9ine {most likely|probably} {does not|doesn't} {require|need} {to|in order to} {release|launch} a new {task|job} anytime soon. The {video|movie} is for {a single|one} {featuring|comprising} Ye and Nicki {off|away} 6ix9ine's upcoming {job|project}, DUMMY YOUNG BOY, slated to get here on Nov. 69 {ended|finished} the {video|movie} message with {plugging |}his {approaching|upcoming} {album|record} Dummy Young boy {that is to|which will} {drop|fall} on November 23rd.

Disallowing a surprise {album|record} {drop|fall} from {somebody|someone} a minimum of as {famous|renowned} as Cardi B, or {incredible|unbelievable} second-week {sales|earnings} from Mariah Carey {or|or even} Mumford & Sons, 6ix9ine will {face|confront} {essentially|basically} no {competitors|competitions} {when|if} he releases his debut studio {album|record}. Subsequent to {stating|saying} to the world {that he|He} had another {task|job} in transit a week ago, 6ix9ine has {now |}authoritatively revealed the {title|name}, release date and {cover|pay} for his {brand-new|new} album

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