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LDN Independent Producer, Sunder is ready to ‘LET GO’


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LDN Independent Producer, Sunder is ready to ‘LET GO’

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  2. Posté le 07/08/2017 à 20:40:06  
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Sunder Baskaran known simply as ‘Sunder’ is an up and coming music producer and talented percussionist who is the mastermind behind this melodic new release ‘Let Go’ featuring Marta. This track more than adequately demonstrates Sunder’s undiscovered talent and the feel he has for producing quality music, drawing on his wealth of experience.

Sunder’s new track ‘Let Go’ is an inspirational piece with such a positive vibe. Sunder appreciates that life can sometimes be difficult for us all given the many frustrations that people have, and he encourages us to all to take a constructive look at life, breaking those negative chains and allowing us to ‘Let Go’. The video is story based with a twist using a failing relationship storyline which keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat! The track is pop based with electro-funk and jazzy undertones. Sunder cleverly uses his musical knowledge and talents to sublimely mix acoustic percussion with electric instruments which produces a unique sound.

Sunder moved from Chennai in India to London ten years ago to further himself musically; recognising the UK as a musical hub. While in India he explored a variety of musical avenues, from lead singer and drummer in rock and tribute bands to fusion music teaming up with classical artists. Once settled in the UK he joined a psychedelic rock band as well as keeping busty with jazz and folk side projects. He has played in venues such as Camden Proud, Fiddlers Elbow , Nambucca and The Spice Of Life. Getting into music at the age of ten Sunder relished the diversity of the multi genres that he followed, citing his influences as Led Zeppelin, Rush, Michael Jackson and Earth Wind And Fire to name but a few. He has set up his own label ‘Playfolly’ and is looking to release further tracks across different genre's and sign upcoming artists.

Marta teamed up with Sunder to provide the vocals on this track. Originating from Poland, Marta is now settled in the UK and a fully accomplished Jazz singer. Sunder has cleverly used Marta’s strengths to provide the jazzy undertones to allow us to ‘Let Go’.
You can find Sunder’s tracks here:
Music Video:
Social Media:
For Further Information Please Contact:

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