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Anya Taylor-Joy Continues to Rule the Big Screen


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Anya Taylor-Joy Continues to Rule the Big Screen

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  2. Posté le 13/09/2018 à 19:26:57  
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ver since Anya Taylor-Joy broke out in The Witch, "gritty" and "dark" have been commonly used to describe the most riveting work. Even if it is for the superhero genre, it is here and there - but it seems to be more difficult than it seems to be. The young actress first appeared on our radar for a few years ago, but we've made sure to stay on the lookout for the latest projects ever since.

According to Deadline, Taylor-Joy will be part of the cast of Here Are the Young Men, the movie adaptation of Rob Doyle's debut novel of the same name. Taylor-Joy, Dean-Charles Chapman (Game of Thrones), Finn Cole (Peaky Blinders), and Ferdia Walsh-Peelo (Sing Street) will play the leads in the film, which will be written and directed by Eoin C. Macken ( The Inside).


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