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Mulberry Alexa Bags


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Mulberry Alexa Bags

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  2. Posté le 08/05/2012 à 10:35:44  
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Now let’s get to the Mulberry Bags. Amanda covered the Alexa the other day. Sure, the bag is of similar shape, similar concept, and messenger style, but I would like it very much.  you can find every kind of Alexa in  Mulberry bag.Mulberry Bags Sale is a British luxury leather goods company founded in 1971. They have been in the handbag business for almost forty years and in that time have secured a steady place in the handbag market. One of their most iconic bags, the Bayswater, is also one of the most recognized bags to handbag enthusiasts. The Alexa Satchel may have been named after British rising star Alexa Chung, but its design is clearly a young and hip take on the Cheap Mulberry Bags. No copycat here, chaps.The Alexa also has a top handle, detachable shoulder strap, a fold-over flap, and press stud fastening buckled tabs. Similar enough to the PS1, but for me, still entirely different. Like other Mulberry bags, the Alexa also features ample pockets, with internal pouch and zipper pockets. The bag is slouchier than most Mulberry Outlet Store, gives a more vintage vibe, but does use thicker and heartier leather.

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