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Oral Anglais Bac --> CORRECTION


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Oral Anglais Bac --> CORRECTION

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Myth and heroes

Mythology manages to evoke the human conditionin its entirety. Our history was first transmittedorally and often through stories of heroes, placesor communities. To understand a myth is to takean interest in the heroes and tales that are the foundation of our collective identities. The universal character of mythology allows us tohighlight the unique ways in which each culturalera has interpreted human experience and created great works as an expression of it. Each period borrows or modernizes certain myths or creates entirely new ones.
A hero might be a fictional or real character who has left his or her mark on our traditions, history or day to day life.
Popular culture and counter-culture never cease to produce their own heroes (folklore, comic strips,etc).

We will see through examples, documents, the notion of myths and heroes.

Nelson Mandela is an hero of the world. He was a South African politician and activist. He was made the first President of South Africa elected in a fully represented democratic election. He was the first black President of his country. Nelson Mandela advocated a peaceful opposition and the abolition of the laws of apartheid. The report of the American channel CNN shows the last honor for Nelson Mandela. People dance and sing funeral songs reserved for Nelson Mandela. All present people are moved in tears but happy finally which he can finally rest in peace. All have for him a profound feeling of gratitude for all that Mandela sacrificed for them and what he fought. The whole nation is united around Mandela and honor their rescuer, their hero.
Barack Obama is a hero for black population in America. It's the first black President elected in the USA. He represents for the black population an example of sucess. In this speech, Helping the Dreamers, President Obama gives the possibility of young people to make this dreams. The speech speaks of immigration problems in the USA and proposes their chance to all young people living on the US territory.
Steve Jobs is an other example of hero. He was the founder of Apple and fonded the Iphone. He died in 2011. His death became an inspiration for all people. In document, we saw differents opinion of Steve Jobs. For a woman, Steve Jobs is a version of American Dreams because he's very sucessful. More, he cranted to make technology better. He was an ordinary guys. Steve Jobs is a perfect example of the ideal of the American Dreams. He's a modern hero of the new technologic.
The Queen of England is a myth and hero. She represents the unity of the English Nation and on the Commonwealth.

More, they are others heroes in the society as the document paintingarrow-10x1​0 by Tom Palmer. In the foreground we can see firemen clearing out the rubble caused by the crashing of two planes into the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001. Then abovewe have the portraits of the heroes of that day : the fireman and the policemen of New-York City.
The two big portraits depict men who look serious, brave, strong and determined to serve their nations and save, rescue their fellow citizens lives.
The painter wanted to show that America will never be defeated that ist still resist the terrorists and that they will finally win.

To conclude, they are differents heroes in the society and everybody admire an heroes.

Space and exchanges

All societes are somehow defined by the geographical and symbolic space they occupy and how they open up these spaces to what lies farther away. Through trade, conquest, emigration and communication, nations have always influenced others beyond their borders and have always been influenced, culturally, economically, politically or scientifically.

We will see through examples, documents, the notion space and exchanges.

The frontier as a limit between two spaces will besen as much as a protection against outsiders as an opening and an address to broader horizons. In a document, we saw that Radio Boston speaks about a gap year that students after the high school can set. The journalist recommends to take a gap year instead of going to the university. It is good to travel abroad, to live, to discover something else. This year won in popularity. The students who take a gap year succeed better in the university. According to a professor of Havard, the students who leave a gap year are more mature, concentrated on their studies.
In a document extract of the novel 'Your Cheatin Heart' of Annie McCartney. The history speak about of 3 girls:Maggie Lennon, Patricia and Maureen. They live in the Nothern of Ireland in Belfast. In the history, they will in Danota Beach in Florida to find a summer job. They were surprised of the torrid climate of the country. They were more difficulties to find a job. They were difficulties too in the chemist's to buy a plaster but she couldn't make herself unterstood since in America they call it a « band aid ». It's a cultural problem and she felt like a foreigner. At the end, Maggie find a job in a restaurant. The 2 documents shows the freedoom of young people to travel. It's an opportunity for all.
In an other document, the character Johnathan Levine. He is a US citizen from Connecticut. He decided to go in China for a job. He took is decision when he saw the protesters in February 2011. He got a teaching job at the Tsinghua University. He teaches English language and Americain culture. For his, China is his second home because he met a lot of people, made friends, traveled a lot. He discovered a new country, new civilisation. The narrator explained that the recession touched all countries but China which still offers a job. Then he admits that it's not a really democracy and yet he news media have a freedom. It's similar in India because the country is attracted for young talent, new bussiness. India give many job opportunities for everybody. The economic situation of the USA is not good and is « satured ». That is why, the countries of development are favored because they offer more opportunities.

More, the immigration is an opportunity too. President Obama gives a speech about young people called dreamers. They were brought by their parents from abroad. They went to US schools, gratuated from them, live with Amercan Kids in the same neighbourhoods. They often realize it when they apply for a job or a driving licence. They many have pledped allegiane to the US flag, they remain allien.That's why the US administration gave rise to the Dream. Act in order to help these 'dreamers' to be definitely American citizens. This document deals with immigration problems in the USA and it ains at giving their chance to all young people living on the US territory.
An other document in an interview between 2 speakers. The topic is the immigration of the woman's parents from England (London) to Australia. Her parents went in Australia for a better weather and the English class system. The parents still live in Path and the woman moved after to Melbourne. In Australia, for she, they are more opportunities to climb the social ladder and the people poor, disadvantaged backgrounds can also make it. It's casier to do it than in England.

Today, the world allows us to travel and gives a chance for the immigration.
Personally, I shall also like travelling in a few years to improve me in language and discover new people and cultures.

Places and forms of Power

Power is a source of political, social and personal reflection and often revealing of the tensions andconflicts that are to be found in social groups. Power is exercised through various complex relations either imposed or accepted, often interiorized. Power implies also opposition. This notion can be addressed, for example, from the following angles:
-emblematic institutions of power
-the power of the media
- the lust for power and resistance to power
- power and conquest
- power and the arts
- language and power

We will see through examples, documents, the notion Places and forms of power.

In the history the man was always superior to the woman.
A document, the song, denounces the hard working conditions of factory and more especially the repetitive tasks which alienate the human being. Then the human has no value because he can replaced by anyone, anytime. In fact he is only a part of the machine ; his identity and humanity don't rount anymore. The mans fells angry, frustrated, sad and depressed. He dreams of killing the machine to put an end to his nightmare. He once dreamt that men would master the machine which revealed to be false. An other document shows the place of the men. This document is a photo taken from a famous movies of the 50's 'Giant'. It shows a man (James Dean) and a woman (Liz Taylor) out in the us contryside. In the foreground of the photo, we can see a young woman in a dress. She is keeling down, squatting in front of the man. She has a submissive posture. She looks up at the man, she has both hands on her breast life if she is begging something to him.
The man is in a standing position and he looks down at the woman. He is handsome, he has got both arms around his rigle which is on his shoulder. He is a christ figure : the same position as the Christ on the cross. He seems to be powerful, the gun is a symbol of power too. This document shows man's power in our society where he is worshipped by woman. They are all delicated to their man, theirs 'lords'.

Wowen at work throughout the centuries and World War II. The middle class woman are traditional jobs as nurses and teachers. After the wedding, she quiets thier job for her family. The poor class woman always worked as a matter of survival. The World War II was a key of the history of woman in the working place. As the manwere at war, womens started recuiting in skipyand factories and ammunition plants. It changed people's mentality, working for the war industry was considered patriotic, so thier view was positive. The US gouvernement encouraged the women at work, they made propanda by printing posters who showing women in factory uniforms, wilding heavy equipement. Women were portayed as strong and beautiful. Today, women is not a lot representes in a politics. I would like to see more women in politics in France and more President of a nation such as Dilma Roussel (Brazilia), Angela Merkel (Germany) or Magaret Tchatcher in England.

There are too counter power. For example, the Anonymous,it's a activism group on Internet. Anonymous aims at fighting against the campaigns of anti-digital laws thrown by the various governments in the world. They are for the total freedom of every individual. It is another power in the world which against the political powers.

Today, in the world, they are different places and forms of power andThey are an evolutions of the history.

Idea of Progress.

Considered as a principal means of orientation in a complex world, the concept of progress has accompanied the greatest moments in history. It informs and over throws heritage and traditions,bringing with it a great variety of evolutionary processes as well as resistance to change.The acceleration of advanced sciences and technologies and the cult of innovation and progress have been, for several decades, the reason for an increased awareness of the possible consequences of such technologies.

We will see through examples, documents, the notion of Idea of Progress.

In a document, the presenter announced that the Connecticut Senate voted in favor of abolition of the death penalty, abolition should become law. Connecticut is the 17th state to abolish the death penalty in the United States. A law that divided because of the consequences it may have for the 11 found in the death row. The law provides emprissonnement life. The abolition of the death penalty is a progress in the USA.

There are too progress for the women in the world. She are won a lot of rights such as the possibility to give their opinion in an election. So, their life is more equal to that men's but a lot of things in society give women less equality than men. Wowen at work throughout the centuries and World War II. The middle class woman are traditional jobs as nurses and teachers. After the wedding, she quiets thier job for her family. The poor class woman always worked as a matter of survival. The World War II was a key of the history of woman in the working place. As the manwere at war, womens started recuiting in skipy and factories and ammunition plants. It changed people's mentality, working for the war industry was considered patriotic, so thier view was positive. The US gouvernement encouraged the women at work, they made propanda by printing posters who showing women in factory uniforms, wilding heavy equipement. Women were portayed as strong and beautiful.
Women knew during the years a progress social, and in the world of the work.

The progress of sciences is very present. A cartoon which shows clones produced on an assembly line for mass-production. The clones all look alike : young strong men. Someclones which are physically different are extracted, selected and trashed into the waste bin. This artificial selecion is a clear reference to eugenics, a doctrine which aimed at selecting the « best » human beings. That could lead to genocides or at least discrimination since to the imposed criteria don't accept those who don't 'fit in the mould'.
Sciences always progressing and allows us to choose the characteristics of our baby. Sciences allows us to choose the color of eyes, the sex, the color of the hair of the child. Furthermore he allows us to choose the level of the intelligence of the child. It is a big advance for the science but that causes criticisms. The opinion denounces this system because it is unnatural. But, to choose his(her) baby can also be an opportunity for families. Sciences also suggests being cured a sick child by making a second baby to look after it. It is a dilemma for the parents because there is a risk for the second child. But it is also a way to have children in good ones health.

The progress doesn't stop evolving for several years and in various domainsarrow-10x1​0 in the social, political or technological standing. The idea of progress will not stop evolving also in the next centuries.

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Et tu veux que... ?

The only real HOODBOY
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Pour ceux qui ont eu le courage de tout lire +1

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Franchement, si on avait vu ce site avant, ça nous aurais bien aidé
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